Jane Fraser, as the CEO of Citigroup, helms the world’s most expansive bank, serving nearly 160 countries. Appointed in March 2021, Fraser has embarked on a transformative journey to revitalize Citi for the digital era. Her strategic vision positioning Citi as the leading bank for cross-border institutional needs, an authority in wealth management, and a premier personal bank in the U.S. Her tenure at Citi spans 19 years, with pivotal roles across consumer and institutional sectors. Prior to her current role, she was the President of Citi and helmed the Global Consumer Bank. Her broad resume includes positions as CEO of Citigroup Latin America, Global Head of Strategy and M&A, and CEO of Citi's Private Bank.

Fraser’s influence extends beyond Citi’s corridors; she serves on several prestigious boards and councils, including the Business Roundtable, Council on Foreign Relations, and is Vice Chair of the Partnership for New York City. Her academic credentials include an MBA from Harvard Business School and an MA in economics from Cambridge University. Fraser’s commitment to global finance is evident in her advisory roles to international bodies like President Biden’s Export Council. Balancing her professional endeavors, she is a family person, married with two children.

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