Adriana Gascoigne is the CEO and creator of Girls in Tech (GIT), a non-profit organization with its headquarters in Nashville that aims to engage, empower, and educate women working in the tech sector. She also sits on the board of the Harvard Kennedy School's Women in Public Policy Program (WAPPP) and is the author of "Tech Boss Lady: How to Start-Up, Disrupt, and Thrive as a Female Founder.” Being the only female executive at a Silicon Valley business, she encountered harassment and discrimination more than a decade ago, which marked the beginning of her journey. Following this experience, GascoigneShe was motivated to found GIT, T by this experience, and it  as the organization currently promotes inclusivity and diversity in STEM disciplines. GIT now has 57 chapters worldwide and a thriving membership base of more than 80,000 people in 42 countries.

Gascoigne's professional background includes roles at tech companies like hi5, Algentis, Jam City, Social Gaming Network (SGN), ImpulseFlyer, RxMatch, and QwikCart. She has also held executive positions at Ogilvy & Mather, Interpublic Group of Companies, and SecondMarket. She graduated from the University of California, Davis with a bachelor's degree in sociology with a focus in organizational studies and a minor in communications. Among her accolades are a Singularity University Impact Fellow Scholarship, being named one of CNET's 20 most influential Latinos in technology in 2018, and receiving the 2018 Pioneer Leadership Award at the Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit.

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