Reginaldo Ecclissato, a stalwart at Unilever, is set to embark on a new chapter as he assumes a pivotal role in the consumer goods giant's management reshuffle. With a rich history spanning over 30 years at Unilever, Ecclissato’s journey reflects a trajectory marked by transformative leadership and unwavering commitment to sustainability in the supply chain.

Since his appointment as Chief Business Operations and Supply Chain Officer in 2022, Ecclissato has been instrumental in leveraging the combined power of technology, teamwork, data, and partnerships to shape an award-winning supply chain. Focused on sustainability, effectiveness, and resilience from the first mile of production to the last, his leadership has garnered recognition for Unilever's supply chain practices.

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Notably, Ecclissato's journey began in 1991 when, armed with an electrical engineering degree from Universidade de Sao Paulo, he joined Unilever Brazil as a trainee. In a mere two years, he found himself spearheading the construction of a new factory and overseeing the production of a new category – powder detergents, showcasing his early leadership prowess.

Over the years, Ecclissato's career has seen him in leadership positions across Unilever's supply chain in North America, Latin America, and Central America. His influence was evident in his role as the Executive Vice President of Unilever Mexico, Central America, and Greater Caribbean, where he oversaw 11 countries and 12 product categories, achieving high growth despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Ecclissato's commitment to mentoring emerges as a hallmark of his leadership style. Having prioritized nurturing individuals who can step into leadership roles and drive positive change, he takes immense pride in witnessing the growth and success of those he mentored during his 32-year career.

Describing his leadership style, Ecclissato emphasizes accessibility, demanding yet supportive guidance, and maintaining open lines of communication within his team. He sets high expectations, believing that challenging goals and pushing boundaries are essential for growth and success.

Reflecting on his role in Unilever amid internal restructuring and external challenges such as high inflation and the war in Ukraine, Ecclissato underscores the organization's commitment to best-in-class and segmented services. Leveraging technology for sustainability with both major and small to medium-sized suppliers, Unilever is actively working to lower its climate impact through collaborations with raw material and ingredient providers.

As he embraces this new challenge, Ecclissato remains proud to be part of Unilever, a world-class organization committed to navigating challenges, embedding a new internal structure, and advancing sustainability through technological innovation and strategic partnerships. His journey stands as a testament to the transformative impact of long-term leadership within one of the world's leading consumer goods companies.