In March 2022, Marian Lee assumed the role of Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix, capping off a remarkable journey that began when she joined the streaming giant in the preceding year as Vice President of Marketing for the US and Canada. Leading a global team of entertainment marketers, Lee is focused on delivering joy to Netflix members by strategically introducing the platform's content to audiences worldwide.

Under Lee's leadership, the marketing team at Netflix has experienced a transformative period, marked by creative and strategic thinking in both traditional and nontraditional realms. Her overarching goal for the organization is to consistently drive cultural conversations and establish universal connections with audiences, contributing to Netflix's global impact.

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Before her tenure at Netflix, Lee spent eight years at Spotify, where she held various key positions, including Vice President & Co-Head of Music and Vice President & Global Head of Artist & Label. Leading a global team, she was instrumental in creating a best-in-class experience for both Spotify users and artists and their teams. Her team at Spotify focused on providing outstanding editorial and programming experiences for users while creating opportunities for artists at all stages of their careers to connect with their fans.

During her time at Spotify, Lee was responsible for artist marketing, industry support, and partnerships. Her team executed compelling and innovative campaigns for both emerging and established artists, incorporating traditional, digital, and experiential elements to engage audiences.

Lee's impact on shaping artists' stories through creative channels is evident in the thousands of one-of-a-kind promotional campaigns executed both on and off the Spotify platform. From global superstars like Khalid and Billie Eilish to emerging talents such as Alec Benjamin and Lauv, Lee's influence has been pivotal in the success of diverse artists.

Beyond her contributions to the streaming and music industry, Lee's career has traversed leading roles in fashion and music at renowned brands such as Condé Nast, VOGUE, and J.Crew. Her early career began at PricewaterhouseCoopers as a management consultant, showcasing the breadth of her expertise and versatility.

Lee holds a BA in psychology from Barnard College, Columbia University, underscoring her commitment to a holistic understanding of consumer behavior and cultural nuances. With her extensive background and leadership roles in the realms of entertainment, music, and marketing, Lee continues to play a crucial role in shaping the global entertainment landscape as Netflix's Chief Marketing Officer.