Dr. Shantanu Agrawal, MD, MPhil, is a distinguished figure in the realm of healthcare, known for his unwavering commitment to advancing health equity and driving transformative change in the industry. As the Chief Health Officer of Anthem, Inc., a leading healthcare enterprise, Agrawal spearheads a comprehensive health strategy that encompasses medical policy, clinical excellence, and pioneering initiatives addressing health-related social determinants and justice.

With a background in emergency medicine and a wealth of experience in both academic and community settings, Dr. Agrawal brings a unique blend of clinical expertise and business acumen to his role. His advocacy for a more just and inclusive healthcare environment resonates deeply with the mission of Anthem, as he tirelessly works to ensure that every patient receives the care they need, regardless of their background or circumstances.

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Beyond his role at Anthem, Dr. Agrawal extends his influence through various boards and groups, amplifying his impact on health advocacy. He is a prominent figure on the Healthcare Leadership Council and Pharmacy Quality Alliance boards, where his insights contribute to shaping the future of healthcare delivery and quality assurance. Additionally, his involvement in the New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst Innovations in Care Delivery editorial board and the National Academy of Medicine Leadership Consortium underscores his commitment to driving innovation and excellence in care.

Dr. Agrawal's illustrious career path includes serving as the President and CEO of the National Quality Forum (NQF), a pivotal non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing healthcare quality. Under his leadership, the NQF collaborated with healthcare professionals across disciplines to elevate standards of care and promote a culture of continuous improvement.

Prior to his tenure at the NQF, Dr. Agrawal held pivotal roles within the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), where he played a pivotal role in initiatives to enhance the Medicare experience for physicians. His efforts in combating the opioid epidemic and driving transparency in data analytics showcased his unyielding commitment to tackling pressing healthcare challenges.

Crucially, Dr. Agrawal's educational journey reflects a dedication to excellence. He completed his undergraduate studies at Brown University before receiving his medical training at the esteemed Weill Medical College of Cornell University. His residency in emergency medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania honed his clinical skills and solidified his commitment to patient-centered care. Additionally, he earned a master's degree in social and political sciences from the esteemed University of Cambridge, further enriching his understanding of the socio-political determinants of health.

Through his roles at Anthem, Inc., and his involvement in various influential boards, he continues to shape the future of healthcare, leaving an indelible mark on the pursuit of a fairer, more inclusive healthcare system for all.