Julia Goldin, an esteemed marketing executive, currently serves as the Chief Product and Marketing Officer of the LEGO Group, where she leads the charge in creating immersive play experiences that inspire and educate children worldwide. With a diverse background spanning global brands such as Revlon and Coca-Cola, Goldin brings a wealth of expertise and innovation to her role at LEGO.

In her capacity at LEGO, Goldin oversees a talented team of 1,800 individuals, spanning product development, marketing, research, licensing, partnerships, and the LEGO Group's in-house creative agency. Her leadership has been instrumental in driving purpose-driven initiatives, ensuring that LEGO's culture, products, and communications embody education, representation, and sustainability.

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One of Goldin's notable achievements at LEGO was the launch of the company's first global brand campaign, "Rebuild the World," in 2019. This campaign aimed to ignite children's creativity and empower them to construct their own worlds using LEGO bricks. The campaign's success not only strengthened LEGO's brand recognition but also resonated with consumers worldwide, further solidifying the company's position as a leader in play and creativity.

Beyond her role at LEGO, Goldin's influence extends to various board positions, including the Museum of United Nations-UN Live and the Fiskars Group. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in the marketing and advertising industry makes her a respected figure, contributing valuable insights to these organizations.

Goldin's passion for creativity and innovation is evident in her advocacy for the role of play in fostering imagination and problem-solving skills. She believes that LEGO sets are an excellent tool for boosting creativity and resilience, a sentiment echoed by the LEGO Group's use of LEGO bricks in training sessions and day-to-day work activities.

Even during challenging times such as the pandemic, the LEGO Group remained committed to fostering creativity among its employees. Initiatives such as "Play Day" and using LEGO products as a source of inspiration showcased the company's unwavering belief in the power of play to drive innovation and collaboration.

Under Goldin's leadership, the LEGO Group experienced remarkable growth in 2021, with consumer sales growing by 22% year-over-year and overall revenue reaching around $8 billion. Operating profit rose by 32%, with net profit exceeding $1.9 billion. Much of this success can be attributed to Goldin's dedication to excellence and her ability to inspire creativity and innovation across the organization.

As a passionate pianist and scuba diver, Goldin brings a unique perspective to her role, emphasizing the importance of creativity and exploration in both work and play. With her strong commitment to excellence and track record of delivering outstanding results, Goldin continues to drive growth and innovation at the LEGO Group, inspiring the builders of tomorrow and shaping the future of play.