Prakash Kota, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Autodesk, has been with the company for 15 years, driving significant advancements in digital transformation. Autodesk, renowned for its innovative software that enables customers to create virtually anything, has benefitted greatly from Kota’s strategic vision and leadership.

Prakash emphasizes the critical role of digitization in eliminating friction and generating value. His approach to digital transformation is not just about implementing automation but doing so selectively and with intention. “Automation is extremely important when you are talking about digital transformations. By automating processes and repetitive tasks, you can better leverage your workforce to do more high-value activities,” Kota asserts. This philosophy has guided his efforts to streamline operations at Autodesk, ensuring that both employees and customers enjoy enhanced productivity and improved experiences.

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Upon his appointment as CIO, Autodesk was undergoing a significant internal shift and transformation. One of Kota’s primary responsibilities involves collaborating with stakeholders and internal teams to minimize friction and maximize efficiency. His commitment to creating a seamless experience for all users is evident in his day-to-day operations, focusing on enabling employees and customers to achieve more with less effort. His innovative approach to problem-solving at Autodesk includes a unique method of working backward. He starts by considering the end-users and how the final product will be received. This includes planning for the product launch and the associated press release. By thinking through the end-to-end process, Kota narrows the focus and streamlines the task at hand, ensuring that every step adds value and aligns with the company’s goals.

The evolving nature of digital transformation presents constant challenges for CIOs, particularly in the realm of data creation and allocation. As processes become more automated, the management of data becomes increasingly complex. Kota is well-aware of these challenges and is actively engaged in finding innovative solutions to manage data effectively. One of the most exciting developments under his leadership is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into Autodesk’s internal and external processes. AI has been a major focus for Autodesk and the broader IT industry in recent years. His enthusiasm for AI’s potential is palpable, as he explores ways to harness its power to drive further innovation and efficiency within the company.

Kota’s tenure as CIO at Autodesk is marked by his strategic approach to digital transformation and automation. His leadership has not only facilitated significant internal shifts but also ensured that Autodesk continues to deliver exceptional value to its customers. By focusing on reducing friction and leveraging advanced technologies like AI, Prakash is steering Autodesk towards a future of enhanced productivity and innovation.