Tricia Griffith, born in October 1964, is a prominent American business executive currently serving as the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Progressive Corporation. Griffith's academic background includes an undergraduate degree from Illinois State University and completion of the advanced management program at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business.

In July 2016, Griffith was appointed president and CEO of Progressive, marking a historic milestone as the first woman to hold this position in the company's history. Her appointment to the Board of Directors underscored her leadership and strategic vision within the organization. Griffith's tenure at Progressive is distinguished by a series of progressive leadership roles. Prior to her promotion to CEO, she served as the Personal Lines Chief Operating Officer from April 2015, where she was responsible for overseeing the Personal Lines, Claims, and Customer Relationship Management groups. This role highlighted her extensive experience in managing key operational segments of the business.

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Before assuming the role of COO, Griffith demonstrated her leadership and commitment to diversity as the Chief Human Resources Officer. In this capacity, she launched Progressive's inaugural diversity and inclusion program in 2007. Her efforts led to the establishment of significant employee resource groups, including the Progressive African American Network and LGBT Plus, fostering an inclusive workplace culture. In 2008, Griffith returned to the Claims department as the group president, overseeing all claims functions. Her leadership in this role reinforced her ability to manage complex operational processes and improve efficiency across the board. Subsequently, as President of Customer Operations, Griffith was responsible for overseeing claims and the customer management group. Her responsibilities extended to the company's contact center group, sales and delivery, customer experience, systems experience, and workforce management groups.

Griffith's rise to the top of Progressive exemplifies her strategic acumen and commitment to operational excellence. Her leadership has been instrumental in driving the company's growth and fostering a culture of innovation and inclusion. Under her guidance, Progressive has continued to enhance its service offerings and strengthen its market position. As the CEO of one of America's leading insurance companies, Griffith's journey from managing claims to leading the entire corporation is a testament to her dedication and leadership abilities. Her accomplishments serve as an inspiration, highlighting the importance of vision, diversity, and continuous improvement in achieving corporate success.