Corie Barry's journey to becoming the CEO of Best Buy is a testament to her exceptional financial acumen and strategic vision. A double major in accounting and management from the College of Saint Benedict laid the foundation for her illustrious career. Initially inclined towards chemical engineering, Barry's preference for critical thinking and data-driven logic led her to the field of finance.

Barry's professional career began with a graduate position in public accounting as an auditor at Deloitte and Touche, where she earned her CPA certification. Her tenure at Deloitte provided her with the robust financial expertise that would become the cornerstone of her career. In 1999, she joined Best Buy as a Financial Analyst, marking the beginning of her long and successful association with the company. At Best Buy, Barry excelled in various finance roles, including financial planning, retail finance support, online and services finance support, marketing, and even leading the Geek Squad. Her versatility and ability to derive insights from complex data distinguished her early on. Anna Loughrey, her first boss at Best Buy, remarked, “Right from the get-go, she was one of those people who could grasp a lot of data. She had the ability to take in so much information and really come away with insights. I was basically just predicting when she would be my boss.”

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Barry's career trajectory at Best Buy continued upward as she was appointed Senior Vice President of Domestic Finance. In this role, she collaborated closely with both the CFO and CEO, gaining valuable knowledge and mentorship. Her innovative approaches and dedication positioned her as a prime candidate for higher roles within the company. In 2016, her exceptional performance was recognized with her promotion to Chief Financial Officer. Sharon McCollam, her predecessor, lauded her promotion, stating, "With her exceptional financial acumen and deep understanding of Best Buy’s operations, she has been an influential leader over the financial and cost disciplines that have been established across the company over the past several years."

Her ascent did not stop there. She rose to become the CEO of one of North America's largest retail companies. Her story underscores the importance of setting clear career goals and pursuing them with unwavering dedication. Barry’s remarkable rise through the ranks of Best Buy showcases her as a paragon of leadership and strategic foresight. Her journey serves as an inspiration, illustrating how dedication and expertise can lead to success at the highest levels of corporate leadership.