LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network, is undergoing a transformative journey under the leadership of its CEO, Ryan Roslansky. Since joining the company in May 2009, he has played pivotal roles in shaping LinkedIn's growth and influence. As of June 2020, Roslansky assumed the role of CEO and has propelled the platform's annual revenue to over $15 billion, with an impressive membership base exceeding 1 billion professionals, 67 million companies, 133 thousand schools, and 41 thousand skills.

Roslansky's career trajectory within LinkedIn showcases his commitment to innovation and strategic leadership. Before taking the helm as CEO, he served as the global head of product, overseeing teams responsible for developing the next generation of LinkedIn products and experiences. In this role, he formulated the company's product strategy, directed product development, managed user experience, and led business development and customer operations.

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As a member of Satya Nadella's leadership team at Microsoft, Roslansky is at the forefront of transitioning LinkedIn and the global labor market into an AI-powered future. His vision involves tapping into the vast wealth of knowledge possessed by the platform's 875 million users, estimating an astounding 10 billion years worth of collective work experience. According to Roslansky, LinkedIn's mission is to unlock this massive skill base, thereby enhancing the global workforce and improving the lives of individual workers.

Roslansky's dedication to professional development extends beyond his role at LinkedIn. He serves on the board of directors for Intuit and on the Board of Trustees for the Paley Center for Media. Additionally, he hosts a successful video series, podcast, and newsletter titled "The Path," where he engages in insightful interviews with notable CEOs and leaders, shedding light on their career journeys.

Roslansky's entrepreneurial spirit is evident from his decision to leave college in his sophomore year to focus on a company he co-founded, Housing Media. Under his leadership, the company was acquired by in 1999. His journey continued at Yahoo!, where he worked under Jeff Weiner for five years, playing a pivotal role in the acquisition of Overture in 2003. Roslansky then held the position of senior vice president of products and content at Glam Media. In 2009, he joined LinkedIn as one of Weiner's first hires and ultimately succeeded him as CEO on February 5, 2020.

LinkedIn's commitment to empowering professionals worldwide is mirrored in Roslansky's leadership, as he steers the platform towards an AI-powered future, ensuring that users' collective expertise contributes to a dynamically evolving global workforce.