Robin Raina, the dynamic Chairman, President, and CEO of Ebix Group, is a prominent Indian-born American industrial engineer, renowned businessman, and philanthropist. Born on August 31, 1967, in Srinagar to Kashmiri Hindu parents, Raina embarked on his career after graduating with an industrial engineering degree from Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology in 1989.

Raina's journey in the corporate world took off when he assumed the role of Area Manager at Pertech Computers Limited in 1990. He later joined Mindware in 1993, eventually rising to become the Vice President of Professional Services at Delphi Information Systems, Inc. in 1997. His exceptional leadership led to his appointment as president in 1999, following which Delphi transformed into the powerhouse known today as

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In 2017, Raina made a significant foray into the Indian market, acquiring 80 percent of ItzCash, a leading player in payment solutions and prepaid cards, marking his first major investment in the country. This strategic move instantly propelled Raina and his ventures to a position of dominance, capitalizing on ItzCash's extensive network spanning 3,000 cities.

Raina's prowess in acquisitions and turnarounds is evident in his remarkable track record. Over the span of four and a half years, he orchestrated the acquisition of 27 Indian companies, swiftly expanding his fintech empire. Among his success stories is the transformation of Trimax, a Mumbai-based infrastructure solutions company, which, after facing financial distress and undergoing proceedings at the National Company Law Tribunal, emerged under Raina's ownership with impressive revenue. EBITDA's worldwide appearance, with a particular emphasis on India, is evidence of Ebix's exponential growth under his direction.

Its global presence, with a particular emphasis on India, is evidence of Ebix's exponential growth under Raina's direction. His vision for EbixCash, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ebix, underscores his commitment to building a multinational brand originating from India. With a staggering 85,000 agents in India and a presence in numerous international locations, Raina's efforts have solidified EbixCash's position as a leader in foreign exchange and payment solutions.

Raina's unyielding belief in India's potential as a global business powerhouse is evident in his decision to list EbixCash in India. He rejects the notion of an Indian company listing in the US, emphasizing the significance of India's burgeoning market and the need for an MNC brand to emerge from the country.

As Raina steers Ebix Inc. and EbixCash towards unprecedented success, his multifaceted approach, blending budgetary discipline, earnings growth, and aggressive expansion, serves as a testament to his strategic acumen. His unrelenting pursuit of profitability and his ability to navigate India's dynamic business landscape have established Raina as a visionary leader, poised to leave an indelible mark on the fintech industry.