Scott D. Buckiso's illustrious career in the steel industry spans over three decades, marked by his unwavering dedication and exceptional leadership. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Buckiso's roots in the industry run deep, reflecting his passion for steelmaking from an early age.

Joining U.S. Steel as a management associate at the Mon Valley Works Irvin Plant in 1990, Buckiso embarked on a journey that would see him ascend through the ranks with a blend of diligence and expertise. Over the years, he held pivotal roles in finishing operations, casting, and management across various U.S. Steel facilities, including the Edgar Thomson Plant and Great Lakes Works.

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In 2004, Buckiso assumed the role of Great Lakes Works Division Manager of Rolling, a testament to his growing influence within the company. His ascendancy continued as he took charge of finishing operations, showcasing an exceptional acumen for managing complex production processes.

His international experience came to the fore when he became the General Manager of Finishing at the U.S. Steel Serbia plant in 2006. This global stint not only broadened his perspective but also solidified his reputation as a leader capable of navigating diverse operational landscapes.

Returning to North America in 2007, he took on the role of Plant Manager at U.S. Steel Canada's Lake Erie Works, where he demonstrated remarkable prowess in overseeing critical production processes. Subsequently, he assumed the position of Plant Manager—Finishing at Gary Works in 2009, reaffirming his status as a trusted figure within the U.S. steel community.

In 2015, his journey took an international turn when he was appointed Vice President of European Solutions and President of U.S. Steel Košice. His innovative and strategic leadership in Slovakia further cemented his reputation as a visionary in the field.

In 2018, he returned to the U.S. as Senior Vice President for Automotive Solutions, spearheading efforts to address fuel economy and safety concerns for automotive customers. His responsibilities extended to leading the company's research and technology group, Great Lakes Works, Midwest Plant, and PRO-TEC Coating Company.

His recent transition to head the Automotive Solutions division showcases his adaptability and commitment to driving innovation within the automotive sector. Meanwhile, James E. Bruno, previously Senior Vice President for Automotive Solutions, now takes the reins of European Solutions and U.S. Steel Košice, bringing a wealth of experience to the role.

Buckiso's journey from a management associate to senior vice president is a testament to his unwavering dedication, astute leadership, and profound impact on the steel industry. His legacy serves as an inspiration to aspiring leaders and a testament to the opportunities that await those who strive for excellence in their chosen fields.