Carol B. Tomé is a remarkable leader who has made significant contributions to the corporate world. As the Chief Executive Officer of UPS, she holds the distinction of being the 12th CEO in the 115-year history of the company. With her extensive experience and visionary approach, she has propelled UPS to new heights, cementing its position as a global leader in logistics and package delivery.

Before joining UPS, Tomé showcased her exemplary financial acumen as the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of The Home Depot, Inc. This retail giant, known as one of the largest retailers worldwide, benefited immensely from Tome’s strategic insights and financial expertise. Her journey with The Home Depot began in 1995, when she joined as Vice President and Treasurer, assuming increasing responsibilities and leaving a lasting impact on the company.

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Tomé’s professional journey began as a commercial lender with United Bank of Denver, which is now Wells Fargo. She then served as the Director of Banking for Johns-Mansville Corporation, where she honed her financial skills. Her remarkable talent and dedication led her to become Vice President and Treasurer of Riverwood International Corporation before joining The Home Depot.

Beyond her roles in these prominent companies, Tomé has actively participated in various prestigious organizations. She serves as a board member for Verizon Communications, Inc., a leading telecommunications company. Her expertise and strategic insights contribute to the growth and success of Verizon in a rapidly evolving industry.

Additionally, Tomé is a respected member of the Carter Center's board of directors, which Jimmy Carter founded. This demonstrates her commitment to philanthropy and her dedication to making a positive impact on society. Her role as a board trustee for Grady Memorial Hospital Corporation and the Atlanta Botanical Garden further highlights her passion for community service and healthcare.

Her accomplishments extend to Tomé’s memberships in influential groups such as The Committee of 200, The Buckhead Coalition, and The Business Council. Through her involvement in these organizations, she actively contributes to shaping policies, driving innovation, and fostering collaboration among leaders across various sectors.

Born and raised in Jackson, Wyoming, her journey to success is an inspiration. Tomé holds a bachelor's degree in communication from the University of Wyoming, equipping her with strong interpersonal and communication skills. She later earned a master's degree in finance from the University of Denver, solidifying her financial acumen.

Tomé’s strategic thinking, financial expertise, and commitment to community service have left an indelible mark on every organization she has been a part of. As the CEO of UPS, she continues to lead with vision and determination, propelling the company to new heights and leaving a lasting legacy in the world of business.