Jim Swanson is a remarkable leader in the world of technology and digital innovation, making a significant impact on the healthcare industry as the Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer, and member of the Executive Committee for Johnson & Johnson. With a passion for combining scientific expertise with cutting-edge digital solutions, Swanson has dedicated his career to confronting complex healthcare challenges and driving positive outcomes for the benefit of humanity.

As the head of Johnson & Johnson's Technology organization, Swanson leads a global team of over 4,000 professionals spread across 50 countries. Together, they work tirelessly to leverage technology and digital advancements to accelerate business outcomes and advance human health. Their goal is to harness the power of innovation to tackle some of the most pressing issues in healthcare today.

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In addition to spearheading internal efforts, Swanson and his team are responsible for powering the vast network of 144,000 colleagues at Johnson & Johnson as well as the digital ecosystem that connects the company with patients and customers. 

His passion for using "tech for good" extends beyond his role at Johnson & Johnson. He actively seeks opportunities to forge external connections across industries and disciplines, recognizing the importance of collaboration in driving meaningful change. His belief in the transformative power of technology is reflected in the accolades he and his organizations have received for their leadership, application of technology, and contributions to STEM initiatives.

Before rejoining Johnson & Johnson in 2019, Swanson held prominent positions at Bayer Crop Science and Monsanto, where he served as Chief Information Officer and Head of Digital Transformation. His extensive experience in leading digital initiatives and driving business value through technology innovation has made him a sought-after thought leader in the field.

His professional journey began at Merck, where he held pivotal roles in the Research & Development and Commercial IT organizations. Prior to that, he started his career as a bench scientist at SmithKline Beecham, transitioning to the IT domain later on. Throughout his career, Swanson has gained invaluable international experience, having lived and worked in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Swanson cherishes his role as a family man. He is married and is the proud father of three daughters, who undoubtedly inspire him to make a difference in the world. In his free time, Swanson immerses himself in various outdoor activities, including running, biking, skiing, scuba diving, and boating. 

Moreover, he actively volunteers with organizations such as United Way Ready by 21 and the American Heart Association, further exemplifying his commitment to improving lives beyond the confines of his professional responsibilities.

His visionary leadership, combined with his extensive experience and global perspective, positions him as a driving force behind digital innovation in healthcare.