Sarah Friar, a distinguished executive, has been at the helm of Nextdoor as its Chief Executive Officer, bringing her extensive experience from previous roles at Square, Salesforce, and Goldman Sachs. With a steadfast commitment to creating positive online communities, Friar has been utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to promote kindness and empathy among Nextdoor users. As one of the few female CEOs in Silicon Valley, Friar's journey has been marked by overcoming obstacles and championing gender diversity in the tech and business worlds.

In an age where social media platforms often harbor negativity and polarization, Nextdoor is on a mission to change the status quo. Harnessing the power of AI, Nextdoor encourages its users to engage in respectful and compassionate conversations, fostering a sense of camaraderie among neighbors both online and offline. Friar's leadership has played a pivotal role in promoting this vision and transforming Nextdoor into a platform that cultivates positive interactions.

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Before assuming the position of CEO at Nextdoor, Friar served as the CFO of Square, where she spearheaded the company's successful initial public offering in 2015, resulting in a remarkable $30 billion increase in market capitalization. Prior to Square, she held executive roles at Salesforce and Goldman Sachs, as well as leadership positions at McKinsey. Her diverse experience in finance, strategy, and leadership has equipped her with a unique skill set to drive innovation and deliver exceptional results.

Beyond her role at Nextdoor, Friar's commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs is evident through her co-founding of Ladies Who Launch, a nonprofit organization that celebrates and supports women in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Friar's personal experiences navigating male-dominated spaces in Silicon Valley have fueled her determination to break down barriers and advocate for gender diversity. Her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring female leaders, highlighting the necessity of resilience and hard work in overcoming obstacles.

She candidly acknowledges the challenges faced by women in the tech and business sectors. According to a Gender Diversity in the Silicon Valley report by Harvard University, less than 5 percent of the top 150 public tech companies in the region have female CEOs. Her own experiences, often finding herself in rooms with few or no other women, have reinforced the reality that women must work harder to succeed in these industries. Through her leadership and advocacy, she strives to pave the way for increased representation and inclusivity.

As we move forward into 2023, Friar's journey continues to shape Nextdoor and influence the broader tech industry. Her unwavering commitment to fostering kindness and empathy within online communities has the potential to redefine the landscape of social media platforms. By leveraging AI and promoting positive interactions, Nextdoor under Friar's leadership is poised to create a safer and more inclusive digital environment.

Through her leadership and advocacy for gender diversity, Friar is actively shaping the future of the tech and business sectors, making them more inclusive and supportive of women. As we move forward, Friar's impact will continue to inspire and empower individuals, fostering a culture of kindness and empathy both online and offline.