Carol Surface, the Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Medtronic, is a visionary leader with a distinguished career spanning over three decades. 

Her expertise in driving organizational transformation, talent management, and community engagement has made a significant impact on Medtronic and the broader human resources profession.

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Carol's professional journey began in 2013 when she joined Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology. In her role, she has been entrusted with shaping the human resources strategy for over 90,000 employees worldwide. 

Her focus areas encompass organizational transformation, talent management, succession planning, leadership development, inclusion and diversity, executive compensation, and community and health initiatives. Under her guidance, Medtronic has continued to prioritize these crucial aspects, ensuring a thriving and inclusive work environment.

Prior to joining Medtronic, Carol served as the Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Best Buy Co., Inc., where she contributed to the development of talent strategies for a leading technology retailer. 

With her experience at Best Buy and previous leadership roles at PepsiCo, including being Chief Personnel Officer for PepsiCo International, Carol brings a wealth of industry knowledge and a global perspective to her current position.

In addition to her role at Medtronic, Carol Surface serves as Vice Chair of the HR Policy Association, a prominent organization shaping HR policies and practices. She is also the Co-Chair of Gartner's CHRO Leadership Board, where she collaborates with other industry leaders to drive innovation and excellence in human resources. 

Furthermore, her membership in The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology highlights her commitment to advancing the field through research and knowledge sharing.

Carol's dedication to community and philanthropy is exemplified by her leadership as the Board Chair of the Medtronic Foundation, where she plays a pivotal role in driving the foundation's mission to improve healthcare access and outcomes globally. Carol Surface's remarkable contributions have garnered recognition from prestigious institutions in the HR field. 

In 2020, she was elected as a Fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources (NAHR), the highest honor in the profession. This distinction highlights her outstanding leadership and contributions to advancing the practice of human resources.

Her expertise in understanding human behavior and organizational dynamics enables her to drive effective talent management and leadership development strategies. Carol's extensive experience and relentless pursuit of excellence continue to inspire and influence the HR profession at large.