Carter Bradley is the Co-Founder and CEO of Veris Insights, an insights and analytics firm dedicated to supporting Talent Acquisition, University Recruiting, DEI, and Employer Branding leaders in their most difficult work.

Carter and his co-founders started the firm during their sophomore year at Princeton as a small, custom research shop called Ivy Research Council (IRC). Purely for the purpose of getting some work experience and making a bit of money, they began taking on outsourced data projects for companies of any size – on any topic they wanted. The work was largely part-time grunt work; over time, though, the firm grew to include a contributor network of around 20 students on campus.

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After graduation, the firm shifted its focus to the corporate talent space. Now, six years in, Veris Insights is a rapidly growing recruiting intelligence and analytics firm that creates tools, platforms, and dashboards and provides research and advisory services for talent leaders at 250+ Fortune 1000 companies.

At the center of the firm’s mission is the belief that deep, real-time intelligence on candidates, competitors, and the recruiting market enables companies to create exceptionally tailored, agile, and inclusive recruiting and talent processes. To that end, each year, Veris Insights surveys tens of thousands of candidates (of all levels and all talent-types) and employers (of all sizes and all industries) to provide its members with granular, tactical, and timely insights.