David King, Chairman and CEO of Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LabCorp), retired from his role as CEO in October 2019, transitioning to the position of Executive Chairman. King's tenure at LabCorp has been marked by remarkable growth and transformation, with the company's revenue more than doubling since he took the helm in 2005.

King joined LabCorp in 2001 as General Counsel, bringing a wealth of legal expertise and strategic insight. His initial role provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the company’s operations and legal landscape. In 2005, he was appointed CEO, embarking on a mission to expand and innovate within the healthcare diagnostics industry.

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Under King’s leadership, LabCorp experienced substantial financial growth and operational expansion. He spearheaded numerous mergers and acquisitions, significantly broadening LabCorp's service offerings and market reach. King's strategic initiatives and business acumen were pivotal in transforming LabCorp into a leader in diagnostic testing and services. His focus on integrating advanced diagnostic technologies and improving operational efficiencies positioned the company at the forefront of the healthcare sector.

King’s tenure was also marked by a commitment to enhancing the quality and range of services offered by LabCorp. He navigated the complexities of the healthcare industry with skill and foresight, driving initiatives that improved patient care and expanded the company’s capabilities. His leadership style emphasized innovation, customer service, and strategic growth, which collectively contributed to LabCorp's impressive performance.

In announcing his retirement as CEO, King expressed confidence in the future of LabCorp and his commitment to ensuring a smooth transition. As Executive Chairman, he will continue to provide strategic guidance and support to the company, leveraging his extensive experience and deep knowledge of the industry. King's impact on LabCorp is evident in the company’s robust financial health and its reputation as a leader in the diagnostics field. His legacy includes not only significant revenue growth but also the establishment of LabCorp as a trusted name in healthcare diagnostics. King's strategic vision and dedication have left an indelible mark on the company, setting a strong foundation for future success.

As King steps down from his role as CEO, LabCorp prepares to welcome a new leader, Adam Schechter, a seasoned executive from Merck. Schechter's appointment is expected to build on King's legacy, continuing the trajectory of growth and innovation that has defined LabCorp under King's leadership. King’s tenure at LabCorp has been transformative, characterized by strategic expansion, operational excellence, and a steadfast commitment to innovation. His contributions have significantly shaped the company's path, ensuring its position as a prominent player in the healthcare diagnostics industry.