Jim Lanzone, the current CEO of Yahoo, brings over 25 years of leadership and entrepreneurial expertise to the helm of the internet giant. Before joining Yahoo, Lanzone served as CEO of Tinder and president and CEO of CBS Interactive. His career in the tech and media industry has been marked by significant turnarounds and innovative leadership.

Lanzone's professional journey began with an internship at Information America, where he first honed his internet skills. This early experience led him to co-found eTour, a company providing information and cost-per-lead services, which was later acquired by Ask Jeeves. This acquisition propelled Lanzone into key roles at Ask.com, eventually leading to his position as CEO of CBS Interactive. At CBS, he was the first chief digital officer, overseeing a portfolio that included CBS All Access (now Paramount+) and CBS Sports HQ.

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In April 2024, Lanzone joined Gareth James, Dean of Goizueta Business School, for a discussion as part of the Learning & Leading: Goizueta’s Distinguished Speaker Series. Lanzone’s casual demeanor and “New York Formal” look did not detract from his compelling recount of his unconventional career path. His trajectory to Yahoo was not meticulously planned; rather, it was a series of strategic jumps across consumer internet companies, making him well-suited to lead Yahoo.

Yahoo, once a pioneering web guide of the 90s, has evolved significantly. Despite periods of uncertainty, Yahoo has remained a top-five internet property for nearly three decades. Under Lanzone's leadership, Yahoo continues to excel in various domains, ranking No. 1 in finance and news, No. 2 in sports and email, and No. 3 in search. The platform now attracts hundreds of millions of viewers monthly.

Lanzone’s vision for Yahoo focuses on transforming it into a goal-achievement platform, emphasizing personalized user experiences. He believes in hiring exceptional product leaders who can adapt to the evolving digital landscape. His approach to restructuring Yahoo involved bringing in new talent while promoting from within, aiming to harness the company’s inherent strengths.

Reflecting on his career, Lanzone emphasized the importance of following one’s passions and embracing unconventional paths. He advised students and young professionals to consider startups over traditional career routes, sharing that personal passion can often lead to professional success. Lanzone himself holds a bachelor's in political science from UCLA and a dual J.D./MBA from Emory University.

In addition to his role at Yahoo, Lanzone is active in the investment community and serves on the board of directors at GoPro and the Newport Festivals Foundation. His investments include successful ventures like Houseparty, Resy, and MasterClass.

Lanzone’s leadership at Yahoo marks a significant chapter in the company’s history, as he leverages his extensive experience to navigate the complexities of the digital age and redefine Yahoo’s purpose and direction.