On November 13, 2023, Denise Dresser assumed the role of CEO at Slack, the popular communications platform, marking a significant transition for the company under the umbrella of Salesforce. Dresser's appointment as CEO comes as the third chief executive since Slack was acquired by Salesforce in 2020, succeeding Lidiane Jones.

With over two decades of experience leading business transformations in major global companies, Dresser brings a wealth of expertise to her new role. Previously serving as president of accelerated industries sales at Salesforce, Dresser has demonstrated exceptional leadership in driving distribution and go-to-market strategies for strategic accounts and cloud solutions.

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Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff expressed his enthusiasm for Dresser's appointment, highlighting her track record of success within Salesforce. Dresser herself shared her excitement about the opportunity, expressing humility and eagerness to lead Slack into its next phase.

In her capacity as CEO of Slack, Dresser leads a diverse team of technologists, product innovators, marketers, communicators, and customer success professionals. Together, they are committed to Slack's mission of simplifying and enhancing people's working lives, making them more productive and enjoyable.

Dresser's background and understanding of Salesforce's operations position her well to bridge the gap between Slack and the broader Salesforce family of products. Her extensive experience in leadership roles, coupled with her passion for product-driven customer success and collaborative leadership, equip her to navigate the integration of Slack within Salesforce while maintaining its independence and unique identity.

Dresser faces the challenge of balancing Slack's autonomy with the need for tighter integration with Salesforce where appropriate. Like her predecessor, she must navigate the delicate balance of keeping long-time employees satisfied while meeting the expectations of customers and Salesforce executives regarding Slack's direction.

Despite the challenges ahead, Benioff has expressed confidence in Dresser's abilities, citing her extensive experience at Salesforce as a testament to her leadership capabilities. Dresser's dedication to mentoring future women leaders and top talent, as evidenced by her involvement in various initiatives, further underscores her commitment to fostering a culture of inclusivity and excellence within Slack.

As Dresser takes on her new role as CEO of Slack, she brings with her a deep understanding of Salesforce's values and objectives, as well as a passion for driving innovation and customer success. With her leadership, Slack is poised to continue its journey of growth and evolution within the Salesforce ecosystem.