YETI Holdings, Inc. a prominent global retailer renowned for its premium outdoor products, has announced the appointment of Mike McMullen as its Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer. McMullen, who has been serving as YETI's Interim CFO since October 2022, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his expanded role.

Joining YETI in 2016 as the head of financial planning & analysis, McMullen swiftly ascended the ranks, showcasing strong leadership and strategic prowess. In 2017, he was elevated to vice president, finance, where he played a pivotal role in steering the company's financial strategies and operations.

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McMullen's tenure at YETI has been marked by notable achievements, including his significant contribution to the company's successful initial public offering (IPO) in 2018. As a vital member of the IPO team, McMullen navigated YETI through a crucial milestone, cementing its position as a leader in the outdoor products market.

Bringing over two decades of experience in financial planning and analysis, treasury management, and strategic planning across omnichannel technology and consumer products companies, McMullen offers a diverse skill set to his new role. His comprehensive understanding of the industry landscape and proven track record of fostering growth make him well-suited to lead YETI's financial operations into the future.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, YETI has garnered acclaim for its innovative and top-tier outdoor products. From coolers and drinkware to bags and accessories, YETI's offerings are engineered to withstand the demands of outdoor adventures while delivering outstanding performance and durability. As YETI endeavors to expand its global presence and explore fresh avenues for growth, McMullen's appointment arrives at a pivotal juncture for the company. His leadership will be instrumental in shaping YETI's financial strategy and driving enduring value for shareholders and stakeholders alike.

In his new capacity as Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer, McMullen will play a critical role in guiding YETI through its next phase of growth and evolution.

Overall, McMullen's new role signifies a strategic move by YETI to fortify its leadership team and position the company for sustained success in the dynamic outdoor products market. With his expertise and vision, McMullen is poised to help YETI realize its ambitious objectives and unlock fresh opportunities for growth and innovation.