In the dynamic realm of human resources, Sonia Hardaway stands as a seasoned professional with a remarkable 20-year journey, currently serving as the Chief Learning Officer at Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS). Hardaway's illustrious career at BMS began in 2001, and she has since held pivotal roles, contributing significantly to the company's success.

As the Head of Global Learning and Leadership Development, Hardaway has been instrumental in executing a robust people strategy, specifically focusing on bringing Oncology and Specialty medicines to patients. Her role as the HR Business Partner for Development Centers (R&D) showcased her ability to align human resources initiatives with the overall business objectives of BMS.

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Before assuming her current position, Hardaway served as the HR Business Partner for Global Medical (R&D/Commercial), where she provided valuable advice and coaching on HR strategy in support of the Global Medical organization. Her diverse experience also includes a stint as the Human Resource Generalist, supporting R&D for 2.5 years and the US Commercial business for 3.5 years.

Prior to joining BMS, Hardaway honed her skills as the Human Resource Generalist at CIGNA, where she played a pivotal role in talent management, leading the Financial Leadership Program. Her academic foundation in Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR) at Cornell University, coupled with a semester in International Business from the Copenhagen International School of Business, laid the groundwork for her successful career in human resources.

Hardaway's journey into the human resources field took a transformative turn during her internship at Morgan Stanley. Reflecting on that experience, she shared, "It was during this internship at Morgan Stanley that I understood the role of human resources holistically in attracting, developing, and retaining talent for organizations." Her realization shifted her career trajectory from law to human resources, a move she found practical, pragmatic, and impactful on a larger scale.

Having commenced her HR career at CIGNA, where she spent five years, Hardaway's trajectory into BMS was shaped by an invitation from Simon King, the Head of Global Talent Organization at BMS. King's proposal for her to lead learning and leadership development was a pivotal moment. In response to the offer, Hardaway expressed gratitude, stating, "I am so grateful for the opportunity to continue to take risks and be on a journey learning and applying new skills."

In her current role as Chief Learning Officer at BMS, Hardaway remains committed to enriching learning experiences for employees involved in the development, discovery, and delivery of innovative medicines to patients with serious diseases. Her dedication to fostering a culture of continuous learning aligns seamlessly with BMS's mission, solidifying Hardaway's legacy as a driving force in the field of global learning and leadership development.