Julie Cameron-Doe, the Chief Financial Officer of Wynn Resorts, has built a remarkable career marked by financial acumen and strategic leadership in the gaming and entertainment sectors. Born and raised in an era where financial decisions shape the destiny of corporations, Cameron-Doe has consistently demonstrated her ability to steer companies through complex financial landscapes.

Cameron-Doe's journey in the corporate world began when she joined Aristocrat Leisure Limited, a worldwide gaming content and technology business, in 2013. Over the years, she ascended the ranks, becoming the Planning and Finance General Manager in 2014 and eventually taking on the role of CFO in January 2018. Her tenure at Aristocrat saw significant achievements, including managing financial due diligence for the $1.3 billion VGT acquisition, a testament to her strategic financial planning skills.

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Before joining Aristocrat, she held key financial positions at notable organizations such as Healthcare Australia, HotelClub, and ebookers. Notably, at Ebookers, she orchestrated a successful transformation, implementing Oracle Financials in 10 countries and cutting $4 million in financial overhead while ensuring the smooth transition of the finance team through a private equity sale.

In April 2022, Cameron-Doe took on the role of CFO at Wynn Resorts, a leading luxury hotel and casino operator with a global presence in the US, Macau, and the upcoming venture in the UAE. Her appointment came at a crucial juncture, following the company's decision to renew her contract until June 2026, reflecting the confidence and trust the leadership had in her capabilities.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, her personal and leadership qualities have set her apart in the industry. Her ability to restructure finance teams, navigate transnational corporations, and handle multimillion-dollar acquisitions showcases her dedication and resilience in the face of challenges.

In August 2022, when she announced her departure from Aristocrat to join Wynn Resorts, she left an indelible mark on the former. Aristocrat CEO Trevor Croker acknowledged her significant role in the company's growth over the past four years, praising her for rebuilding confidence and turning around financial teams.

Cameron-Doe's career trajectory serves as an inspiration for aspiring finance professionals, demonstrating the power of strategic financial planning, restructuring, and effective leadership in steering major corporations toward success. As she continues to shape the financial landscape at Wynn Resorts, her legacy in the gaming and entertainment industry is bound to grow, solidifying her status as a respected and accomplished CFO.