Stash, the innovative financial technology startup, has appointed Lynne Oldham as its Chief People Officer and executive team member. With a rich background spanning 20 In her years of strategic HR leadership and critical talent acquisition, her expertise has significantly impacted the growth trajectories of various multinational firms.

Oldham’s professional journey includes a successful stint as Chief People Officer at Zoom, where she played a pivotal role in quintupling the employee base, achieving record-high engagement scores, and navigating the challenges of COVID-19 and racial and social turmoil in 2020. Her impressive track record led Stash to seek her out as the company aims to double in size, surpassing 500 employees across the U.S. and the U.K.

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Stash's co-founder and CEO, Brandon Krieg, expresses confidence in her ability to contribute to the company's growth and culture. He highlights Stash's ambition to create an innovative, hybrid culture that empowers regular Americans to build wealth. She echoes this sentiment, emphasizing Stash's unique position to address the wealth gap and transform the lives of millions of Americans.

Oldham’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is evident through her numerous accolades, including being recognized as an HRD Top 100 Global HR Leader and a 2021 HR Innovator by Business Insider. Her passion for improving organizational culture, talent development, and recruitment strategy aligns with Stash's mission to prioritize people.

The company's goal of assisting middle-class Americans in investing and increasing their wealth is what motivated her to join Stash. With a personal background that includes limited exposure to financial education during her youth, she resonates with Stash's goal to bridge the wealth gap and provide access to financial opportunities for all.

Oldham’s leadership style, characterized by a people-first approach, aligns with Stash's commitment to a flexible hybrid working arrangement introduced last year. In its $125 million Series G funding round, which Eldridge led in 2021, the company made clear how important it is to put people's wellbeing first.

As Oldham embarks on this new chapter with Stash, her wealth of experience, accolades, and dedication to creating positive organizational cultures position her as a key player in driving the company's transformative growth and achieving its ambitious goals. Stash's trajectory, under her leadership, promises not only financial success but also a commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and empowering individuals to build their financial futures.