In a strategic move ahead of the crucial fourth quarter, Verizon Consumer Group welcomes back Kevin Zavaglia as Chief Sales Officer (CSO) after his successful tenure at Intuit. Zavaglia, who previously spent an impressive 26 years with Verizon and its predecessors, brings a wealth of experience to the role, having overseen operations in various key regions.

Zavaglia's journey with Verizon began at Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile, and he later took charge of Verizon Wireless in Northern California. After a three-year hiatus, during which he directed the U.S. mass market sales team at Intuit, he expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity, stating, "I've learned a lot outside the company and am ready to hit the ground running to deliver solid fourth-quarter results."

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This appointment comes after Kelley Kurtzman served as interim CSO for the consumer unit, making significant strides in recent months. Sampath, CEO of Verizon Consumer Group, praised Kurtzman's pivotal role in navigating this transitional phase and expressed eagerness for Zavaglia's contribution. Sampath emphasized Zavaglia's extensive expertise in retail, digital, and B2B customer domains, anticipating positive impacts on business growth.

With a mandate to oversee Verizon's postpaid mobile sales force, encompassing both corporate and agent-owned channels, Zavaglia steps into a critical position. His purview will extend to operations, aligning with the company's objective of bolstering performance in the consumer segment.

Zavaglia’s return signals a period of stability after recent executive changes within the company. Sampath, who assumed his current role earlier in the year, brings a fresh perspective to the team. This follows Vestberg's temporary tenure as Consumer Group CEO, following the departure of Manon Brouillette.

Looking forward, Zavaglia will play a pivotal role in Verizon's continued success. With over 2,000 employees under his purview, he will lead sales, marketing, customer service, retail stores, and network expansion in a vast region encompassing 21 counties in New York and northern and central New Jersey.

In an address to the Verizon team, Zavaglia expressed his eagerness to re-engage, citing a sense of unfinished business. He emphasized Verizon's commitment to providing the best wireless value, boasting the fastest and most reliable network, innovative devices, and exceptional customer experiences.

As the company prepares to release its Q3 numbers, Zavaglia's appointment is poised to be a catalyst for growth. With his extensive background and commitment to excellence, Verizon looks set to navigate the competitive landscape with confidence in the upcoming quarter.