In January 2019, General Electric made an exciting announcement that would reshape its human resources landscape. L. Kevin Cox, a seasoned HR executive with a remarkable track record, was appointed as Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, effective February 25, 2019. This move signified a pivotal moment in GE's journey of transformation under the leadership of CEO H. Lawrence Culp, Jr.

Cox's career had already been a testament to his prowess in the world of HR. Prior to joining GE, he served as the Chief Human Resources Officer at American Express, where he played a pivotal role in crafting a human capital plan that elevated the organization to new heights of success and respect. His appointment at GE was met with enthusiasm from all quarters, including Culp, who lauded his leadership abilities.

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Cox's expertise extended far beyond conventional HR responsibilities. Over his illustrious 30-year career, he had become a master at driving large-scale and complex organizational change. This experience made him a perfect fit for GE, a company in the midst of a significant transformation.

Under his purview, Cox oversaw GE's global HR department, covering areas such as Talent Management, Leadership Development and Learning, and Compensation and Benefits. His strategic thinking and focus on cultivating top talent brought a fresh perspective to the company.

One of Cox's notable achievements was his pivotal role in the success of Pepsi-Cola and the Pepsi Bottling Group's IPO in 1999. His ability to navigate complex transitions and deliver results was a recurring theme in his career.

In addition to his corporate roles, Cox was actively involved in various boards and associations. He chaired the Health Transformation Alliance, co-chaired Gartner's CHRO Leadership Board, and served as Vice Chairman of the Human Resources Policy Association. His participation on the board of the Cornell University Center for Advanced Human Resources Studies further demonstrated his commitment to advancing HR practices.

Cox's contributions to the field of HR did not go unnoticed. In 2015, he received the Distinguished Human Resource Executive Award from the Academy of Management, recognizing his substantial contributions to HR practice, research, and teaching.

His academic background, with a Master of Labor and Industrial Relations from Michigan State University and a Bachelor of Arts from Marshall University, complemented his practical experience in HR leadership.

Beyond his professional achievements,  Cox had a passion for flying and was a qualified private pilot. This blend of professional acumen and personal interests painted a picture of a well-rounded individual committed to excellence in all facets of life.

Cox's career serves as an inspiration for aspiring HR leaders, demonstrating the impact that thoughtful and forward-thinking HR leadership can have on an organization's success.