Allison Dew is a prominent figure in the world of marketing, serving as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Dell Technologies. Her experience and leadership have helped to shape the marketing strategy of one of the world's largest technology companies. Dew began her career at Procter & Gamble, where she held various roles in brand management and marketing. She then moved on to work at Honeywell, where she led the marketing and communications efforts for the company's $15 billion Automation and Control Solutions business. Her success in these roles helped to establish her as a skilled and accomplished marketer.

In 2017, Dew joined Dell Technologies as the Vice President of Global Brand and Communications. In this role, she oversaw the development of the company's brand strategy and messaging, as well as its global advertising and communications efforts. She was responsible for ensuring that Dell's marketing campaigns were effective, engaging, and aligned with the company's overall business objectives.

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Dew's leadership and expertise in marketing did not go unnoticed, and in 2019 she was promoted to CMO of Dell Technologies. In this role, she is responsible for leading the company's global marketing strategy, as well as overseeing its brand, advertising, and communications efforts. She has also played a key role in driving Dell's digital transformation and leveraging technology to improve the effectiveness of its marketing efforts.

Under Dew's leadership, Dell Technologies has continued to innovate and evolve its marketing approach. The company has embraced new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to better understand its customers and create more personalized marketing campaigns. It has also placed a greater emphasis on social media and digital marketing, recognizing the importance of these channels in reaching and engaging with its audience.

Dew has also been a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She has championed initiatives aimed at promoting diversity and empowering women in technology and has worked to ensure that Dell's marketing efforts are inclusive and reflective of the diverse communities it serves. In recognition of her contributions to the industry, Dew has been honored with several awards and accolades. She was named to Forbes' list of the World's Most Influential CMOs in 2019 and 2020 and was recognized as one of the Top Women in Tech by Forbes in 2021.

Allison Dew is a highly accomplished marketer and a respected leader in the technology industry. Her vision and expertise have helped to shape the marketing strategy of one of the world's largest technology companies, and she continues to drive innovation and change in the field of marketing.